Recent Design Proposals
21 July 2016

Ranging from interior design to residential master plans, WCWP has been busy on quite a few design proposals for local Hong Kong projects within the last 3 months.


Renovation to MF foyer at Hospital Authority


Renovation to MF foyer at Hospital Authority
As part of our current term contract with the Hospital Authority, WCWP is working on the main headquarters interiors.
The design intends to create a fresh look and an ambient spatial experience for users. The enhancement of the Foyer and Theatre lobby includes all-new finishes, as well as the feature HA logo wall panel refurbishment.
The design approach explores cost-effectiveness and design quality by retaining existing design features and applying timeless design trends, which, in turn will create unifying elements that enhances the overall experience of the space.


URA’s Pine Street / Oak Street Demand-led Redevelopment Project, TKT
The overall design concept was to create a “Green Boulevard” that links designated open areas and that will serve as the lungs of the development where trees and landscape act as carbon sinks and tranquil pockets in the middle of the city. These parks and recreation areas enhance the quality of life in the surrounding communities and increase the value of property.
A transparent glass grand staircase and a free-standing glass lift serves as design features for the podium, highlighting easy accessibility as one of the dominant focal points of the development. A glass-bottomed “sky pool” sits on the podium deck and encourages users to have a plunge and relax. The podium deck will also feature a mini-bar, gym and a garden.


Residential Blocks, Pak Shek Kok
Located on Chong San Rd, facing a major highway to the south, the design needed to integrate a number of noise cancelling techniques – including single-load apartment plans on the south boundary, and shifted orientation of towers on east and west sides. Meanwhile, the master plan features a generous communal garden with the main clubhouse close to the entrance, which promotes easy access to facilities and enhances the spirit of community.


Tai Po Private Villa Design
This private house, located on the northeast tip of Tai Po Kau, has a spectacular view of Tolo Harbour and Plover Cove further north. Working closely with the client, the villa design adopted their preferred classical architectural style, with two wings defining the entrance. The main function space has been located to the north to maximize the sea view.