Recent Design Proposals
23 January 2017

WCWP has recently completed several design proposals for residential and institutional projects.


1. Yau Tong Residential Development 油塘住宅發展項目
We were very excited to be invited to submit design proposals for this prominent sea facing site at Lei Yu Mun.
Water itself is the key asset of this waterfront development in which two connecting pools serves as an emphasis of the masterplan that reflects a resort feel in an urban setting. A semi-indoor pool facing towards the sea creates an infinity pool effect that sets a dramatic view towards the islands. Retail and outdoor spaces fronting the promenade creates a place of interaction among public and private users.


An alternate concept was conceived to enhance and create an iconic silhouette for this prominent waterfront site, this unique design is meant to be seen across the harbor as interplay between three sculpture elements that evokes images of moving waves. Surrounded by seafood bazaar, parks, and courtyards this landmark shares its slice of the waterfront exhibiting a strong sense of place.


The emulating forms also carefully prevent views of the back towers to be blocked by one and other on the front tower, which at the same time, create a high percentage of premium units such as progressively larger sea front units as one goes up on the front tower, and “garden-in-the-sky” terraced units on the sea-facing side of the back towers.


2. Design Proposal for HK International Airport T1 Food Court Revamp and Enhancements 機場T1大樓美食廣場重修及擴建設計方案
We presented several ideas on how the food court could be re-invigorated. The first involved using the urban influence of Hong Kong as an abstraction to inform the geometries and material palette of the renovation. What we intended to avoid was theme park kitsch, instead evoking Hong Kong at a sensory, emotional level.


3. Tai Po Residential Development
In this design proposal for a “family-oriented” development, we aimed to capture the magnificent view of Tai Po’s rich landscape. Luxury villas can enjoy the majestic sight of Tolo Harbor while low rise apartments have variations of both mountain and sea view.


4. Homantin MTR Residential Development
Sitting on the recently opened Homantin MTR, this proposed development will be enjoying the comfort of travel accessibility due to its location. The T-shape block configuration was strategically planned to avoid over looking at each other’s apartments to provide privacy for users. Also, it has long see-through gap views towards Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Island and Kai Tak.