Pokfulam, Hong Kong

Built in 1931, Jessville was declared a Grade III Historic Building in 2008, a status which meant that the Government would make efforts to preserve it. WCWP was commissioned by the owner to create a high-end residential development cum preservation project which maximizes the client’s development rights but at the same time preserves the existing mansion and gardens. In the original scheme, a pair of stepped towers allow spectacular sea views towards Lamma Island from the residential units while the extensively renovated Jessville is preserved as an elegant old-world clubhouse. In the current scheme, a single tower houses a small number of limited edition residences and the clubhouse, and Jessville itself is converted into four exclusive, utterly unique apartments.

Discreet glass lobbies and a skygarden play off of the proportions and scale of the existing house and help to prevent Jessville from being overwhelmed by the new construction, and a sensitive palette of materials makes reference to the mansion without attempting to mimic it. The buildings overlook a terraced swimming pool area which steps down towards Pokfulam Road and sits above the parking floors, concealed behind flowing curves and cascading greenery that tie in to the adjacent contours of the wooded hillside.

Key Facts
Start Date
Completion Date
5,796 m²
Site Area
6,440 m²