The Grand Triangle
Zhoukou, Henan

ZhouKou is a piece of fertile land with thriving agriculture, bounded by the four cities of ZhouKou, Huaiyang and Xiangcheng. It is approximately 400 square kilometers in area and is home to more than 9 million people. Under the intentions of the ZhouKou Government, a feasibility study was conducted for the planning & development of the land bounded by the three cities, namely “The Grand Triangle”.

In the proposal, it is emphasized that the development would base on respective advantages of individual towns, then gradually develops with a flexible system that is going achieve a balanced outcome. Fertile lands, rich culture and long history are the very best foundations and resources of the area, and therefore the scheme will be focusing on three main categories: Nature, history, and people.

To facilitate co-development among three towns, a large infrastructure and transfer network will be set up, allowing effective manipulation of resources. By applying the idea of “linear-agro-industrial city”, the three towns will then be able to focus on developing into cultural district, tertiary industry district and linear-agro-industrial district respectively. Through expanding and flourishing the industries, the cities will be able to create more opportunities and attract more talents, capable of self-sustaining and thriving as a city.

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